UN Women at the 67th UN General Assembly

UN Women

18 September 2012

Globally, 139 constitutions include guarantees of gender equality, 125 countries outlaw domestic violence, and women have equal rights to own property in 115 countries and in 93 have equal inheritance rights. Yet the rule of law often rules women out. The implementation of these laws lag behind and efforts to advance women’s equal rights, opportunity and participation are uneven.

Against the backdrop of the high level debate of the 67th UN General Assembly where governments will focus on the rule of law, UN Women is calling on world leaders to urgently strengthen women’s access to justice and commit to concrete policy actions to prevent gender-based violence.
Women are central to peace and development, yet their potential remains untapped due to entrenched inequities from lack of security to limited access to economic resources and opportunities. During the General Assembly, UN Women events will highlight progress towards women’s rights and the gaps that remain, showcasing innovative strategies and voices of partners and donors working for gender equality.

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