Take action on February 19! Delhi and beyond: Global action for safer cities

Huairou Commission

The Huairou Commission and its Safer Cities network partners urge you to join an action that goes beyond raising awareness about violence to feature HOW grassroots women and women's organizations partner with government authorities to concretely build safer cities. 

On Tuesday, February 19, we (the Huairou Commission, Women in Cities International, Women and Habitat Network Latin America, Jagori, GROOTS International, ICWIF and FEMUM-ALC) are calling upon feminist organizations and grassroots women's groups to participate in a global day of action, Delhi and Beyond: Concrete Actions for Safer Cities. On this day, women and local authorities will jointly sign agreements identifying a concrete action they will advance to make their city safer for women and girls.

As UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet said in a speech last week, global awareness and momentum on ending violence against women and girls has never been stronger. “With leading women’s organizations, including Women in Cities International, the Huairou Commission, Jagori and Women and Habitat Network in Latin America, we strategically placed gender equality and women’s empowerment and safety of women in public spaces within activities of the UN-Habitat’s Global Network on Safer Cities." 

Now is the time for us to take collective action. On February 19, we want to celebrate existing partnerships between grassroots women and local authorities and forge new commitments for long-term engagement. 

Poor and grassroots women have expanded the definition of Violence Against Women and Girls beyond the more widely acknowledged physical, psychological and sexual violence. Violence includes such acts as evictions, lack of access to basic care and gang violence in neighborhoods. Any steps to mitigate these forms of violence for women and children can be part of our global day of action.

We’ve already surpassed our goal of 30 cities signed on to our global day of action, and more are signing on each day:

Cordoba, Argentina
Rosario, Argentina
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Patacamaya, La Paz, Bolivia
Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Montreal, QC, Canada
Peel, ON, Canada
Regina, SK, Canada
Toronto, SK, Canada
Bogota, Colombia
Medellín, Colombia
San Salvador, El Salvador
Suchitoto, El Salvador
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Livingston, Guatemala 
Brajrajnagar, India
Delhi, India
Noida, India
Pathankot, India
Casoria, Italy
Naples, Italy
Caanan Heights, Clarendon, Jamaica
Kingston-St Andrew, Jamaica
Portmore, Jamaica
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Mombasa, Kenya
Monrovia, Liberia
Chihuahua, Mexico
Kathmandu, Nepal
Lima, Peru
Trujillo, Peru
Mandaue City, Philippines
Manila, Philippines
Warsaw, Poland
Bangkok, Thailand
Kampala, Uganda
Edinburgh, UK
Baltimore, USA
Brooklyn, USA
New York, USA
Philadelphia, USA
Washington, D.C., USA
Harare, Zimbabwe


In Guatemala, local women’s groups are requesting that the new mayor of Livingston meet with them and adopt the system of safety indicators that grassroots women have been implementing in 18 neighborhoods. Grassroots leaders in Guatemala City are organizing a meeting with the Vice Minister of Safety in the Ministry of Internal Affairs to push for commitment on legislation on femicide.

In Harare, Zimbabwe Parents of Handicapped Children Association is setting up a meeting with the local authorities to get their commitment to clear areas with long grasses, install street lights and deploy municipality police in dangerous areas and also allocate market stalls to grassroots women.

In Almaty, Kazakhstan, Crisis Center "Podrugi" is seeking to reach an agreement with the Mayor of Almaty on protocol on inter-department cooperation to help victims of domestic violence.

In Warsaw, Hollaback! Poland is looking to get a letter of Intent signed by the President of Warsaw declaring and committing herself in front of the Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment, grassroots women's groups and feminist organizations, academics, and of course Hollaback! Polska to delegate administration representatives, police representatives, as well as herself to participate together with Hollaback! Poland in safety audits which will be organized in Poland during the Anti-Street Harassment Week, April 7-13, 2013. 


Please use the form below to submit your information ASAP. 

Please fill out as much information as possible. If you have questions, please email Cathy Toledo: cathy.toledo@huairou.org c/c Carolina Pinheiro: carolina.pinheiro@huairou.org

Please share widely with your partners, networks and allies! www.huairou.org/19feb

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