Statement of Local and Regional Elected Women Leaders before the World Summit of Rabat

Cliquez ici: Déclaration des dirigeantes élues locales et régionales avant le Sommet de Rabat

Pulsar aquí: Declaración de las Líderes Electas Mujeres Locales y Regionales ante la Cumbre Mundial de Rabat

We, local elected women, gathered under the UCLG Standing Committee on Gender Equality, come together in Rabat to confirm our commitment with the Paris Agenda, the Local and Regional Governments’ Global Agenda for Equality of Women and Men as a key instrument for Development.  

We celebrate the Centennial of our movement and find this celebration the moment to:

1. Recall that the participation of women in local decision making strongly strengthens the democratic bases of our societies and it would also contribute to a stronger and more representative World Organization.

2. Commit to:  

Promoting democratic local self-government as a mean to securing social, economic and political justice for all citizens of every community in the world.

Working towards inclusion of all members of society in the governance process of our communities;

Contributing to the global agenda in order to eradicate poverty through the empowerment of women around us; 

Finding innovative forms of governance and service provision that will contribute to universal access to basic services with special attention to those that need it more.

Working towards increased participation of women in all levels decision making, 

Elected women the world round, and members of UCLG

3. Applaud the inclusion of two women in the UCLG presidency

4. Regret that our governing bodies will most probably not meet again the low gender targets that were set.

5. Call our World Organization to undertake additional steps towards gender equality applying the existing rules and developing new ones that will allow a greater number of women to be active in the governing bodies.

6. Request for the inclusion of a women caucus (limited in number) in each Section, appointed by the Standing Committee, where the minimum quota is not reached. The caucus should be convened to the Executive Bureau, until gender targets are met.

7. Demand the Work of UCLG on Gender Equality to have an even more prominent role in the agenda of the organization and invite members of UCLG to host every two years a Local and Regional Elected Women Summit.

8. Call the World Organization to promote the Paris Agenda on Gender Equality among its membership

We are convinced that our Organization can strive towards equality and that this efforts will make it more representative and stronger. A world where power is shared equaly by women and men will be a better world for all. We call you men and women colleagues to join us in this quest!

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