UCLG addressing the need for Gender Equality in Post-2015 agenda at OWG 8

As part of the OWG 8 session in New-York this week, Member States, Major Groups and stakeholders will discuss the issue of equality, in particular gender equality and women empowerment.

UCLG, building on its longstanding work on the topic and convinced that a successful Post 2015 Agenda needs acknowledging these issues, has presented a statement developing the following points:

I. Increasing participation of women in local decision-making, in order to guarantee equal representation and to achieve a successful development agenda Post-2015

II. Equality between women and men to be on the top of the agenda of local public policy making and for adequate service provision that will contribute to improve the condition of women and their empowerment

III. A safe world in particular for women, who are traditionally the most vulnerable to all types of violence

Click here to access the statement of UCLG on: “Local Governance: key to achieving gender equality and social equity”

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