CEMR report on how local government is tackling 


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The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) launches its report “Tackling outh unemployment: let’s revive partnership between all governance levels”, which offers a state of play of local government participation in the implementation of strategies to tackle youth unemployment in Europe. This report responds to the European Commission’s call to Member states to submit their national strategies for tackling youth unemployment through the “Youth Guarantee”.* 

The CEMR report highlights the many examples existing on the ground, where partnerships at the local level have provided good results in terms of youth engagement and employment. The keys for sustainability and effectiveness seem to be devolution, integrated funding and good monitoring tools. For 
instance, our report showcases Essex County Council which has supported over 2,100 young people into an apprenticeship with target growth sectors since 2009. The results showed that 70 per cent have found sustained employment, compared with 64 per cent nationally. 

Furthermore, based on the success reached by many local governments, Cllr Mairi Evans, Councilor of Angus and Chair of CEMR committee of local and regional young elected representatives, highlights the need for a better cooperation between the local and the EU level: “The European institutions should make reference to the partnership approach in their proposals and conclusions on youth employment”, besides “Local and Regional Authorities should be more involved in systematic and regular exchange of good 
practices with EU partners.”