Launch event on gender-responsive governance at local level

The Huairou commission, UN Women, UN Habitat and UCLG held a successful global partnership launch event on Tuesday 11 March in New-York, kindly hosted by the Ford Foundation.

Grassroots women along with local elected leaders and their organizations met during the roundtable to discuss the ​implementation ​bridges and the links that must be to strengthened between both actors to develop a gender-responsive governance at local level.

While the MDG’s process is coming to an end and the new development agenda for Post-2015 is being defined, participants identified the need for local policies to better tackle the specific needs of women and girls. In order to reach these needs, it is essential for women to be engaged in the decision making process. Despite years of work, capacity-building, quotas implementation, women still only account for 20% of all local elected leaders worldwide. Furthermore, they face many challenges to be heard in decision making processes and to gain influence in the institutional processes.

In view of this, partners are currently developing a proposal to reinforce networks of grassroots women and women elected leaders in order to assess the specific needs of women and girls. They are also working on ways to create the synergies and support needed by local elected leaders to be at the service of their constituency.

Numerous development partners joined the meeting and provided their support for the project, namely IFAD, the French mission , the UNDP, among others.