Report on "Women, Leadership and Development"

The full report on the session on "Women, Leadership and Development", held in Paris on 6 December in the framework of the COP21, is now available for download in English, French and Spanish.

The key conclusions of the report are as follows:
  • Equality and empowerment of women needs to be at the core of the policy proposals made by local and regional governments in international processes. 
  • Women are to the achievement of the SDGs what local governments are to the actual implementation of the agenda; instrumental actors who will trigger far-reaching transformation and foster ownership from the bottom up. 
  • Fostering the participation of women in decision making at all levels remains critical to ensure fairer, more resilient societies. 
  • Gender-sensitive policies not only benefit women but will unlock transformational potential across the board, changing perceptions, designs and values to the benefit of more balanced human societies. 
  • Creating support networks for women leadership needs to remain a priority of UCLG and its partners at national, regional and international levels.
  • The equality agenda is not a women-only agenda. The active participation of men and the education of young boys will need more attention.
  • The road to equality cannot be diverted and UCLG will need to lead by example in the 2016 UCLG governing body elections.
Download the full report in English French and Spanish.

Storify of the Women Leadership and Development session
Flickr of the Women Leadership and Development session