Localizing Generation Equality: UCLG hosts Generation Equality Action Coalition #6 Strategic Workshop

    On 6 and 7 February 2023, UCLG hosted the first in-person strategic workshop of the Action Coalition (AC) on Feminist Movements and Leadership. Convened by UN Women, the AC is one of six multi-stakeholder coalitions formed out of the Generation Equality Forum in 2021.

    For the past two years the AC on Feminist Movements and Leadership has been meeting virtually to discuss, amplify and drive critical steps towards its collective commitments and those of its 481 Commitment Makers. Made up of co-leaders from 25 government, philanthropies, international organizations, civil society, youth, feminist activists, and the private sector, the coalition, guided by its co-created blue-print, aims to: 

    -       Fund and support diverse feminist activists, organizations, funds and movements

    -       Promote, expand, and protect civic space for feminist action, organizing and mobilization

    -       Advance and increase meaningful participation, leadership and decision-making power of women, girls, and non-binary people, in all their diversity

    -       Strengthen adolescent girls and young feminist leaders, their movements and organizations

    As UCLG Secretary General, Emilia Saiz serves as co-chair of the AC, alongside CREA’S Piyumi Samaraweera, Program Director: Feminist Leadership and Movements, UCLG was glad to host the group in our global home of local and regional governments. The aim of the two-day workshop was to take stock of the AC’s collective work and to plan, share and strategize for the years ahead, as we work to achieve our collective vision for 2026.

    The first day focused on building connections and trust, reflecting on lessons learned, challenges and opportunities, exploring the added value of the coalition, and beginning to brainstorm pathways forward for more effective and strategic collective action. The diversity and resilience of the group was in particular highlighted, and recognised as key assets in the collective’s feminist leadership potential.

    Day two started with an inspiring visit to the Barcelona City Hall, to connect with feminist municipal leadership in action. Here the action coalition engaged with Laura Pérez Castaño, Deputy Mayor for Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminism and LGTBI and Dr Sonia Ruiz, Director, Gender and Time Policies, Barcelona City Council. “Our citizens are always at the centre, as we strive to ensure the Right to Care and the Right to be Cared for”, shared the Deputy Mayor. Action coalition leaders returned to the UCLG offices energized for the final strategic workshops of the day, to collectively define concrete actions for the next six and 12 months and beyond, as we move towards the Generation Midpoint Moment, the SDG Summit and the 2024 Summit for the Future. 

    Collectively, the work of the six action coalitions, and their blueprints, lays out a powerful vision for success, including priority actions, strategies and tactics to help achieve, catalyzing collective commitments. Together, the blueprints represent a Global Acceleration Plan for gender equality, and UCLG’s role as co-chair and co-leader of the coalition, is an important step for the localisation of Generation Equality. 

    You can read the AC’s joint statement to the 84th session of Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women here


    More information: 

    Find out more on the composition of the AC below: 

    Member States

    Canada, Malawi, The Netherlands

    International Organizations

    1889, Women Political Leaders (WPL) and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)

    United Nations Agencies

    United Nations Human Rights, Office of the High Commissioner

    Civil Society Organizations

    CREA, Eurocentralasian Lesbian* Community, International Women’s Development Agency, Women Enabled International, Gender Links and Asamblea Nacional Política de Mujeres Indígenas

    Youth-led organizations 

    Young Feminist Europe

    Private Sector & Philanthropies

    GUCCI and Open Society Foundations (OSF)